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10 Best Primary Care Physicians in Wichita

Since the 1920s, Wichita, Kansas, has been the central hub of the aviation production industry. Many companies that produce aircraft base their operations there. It is also the birthplace of the White Castle hamburger and Pizza Hut. Enjoying too much of the latter two means you won’t be able to fly high through life without the help of one the best primary care physicians in Wichita.

1. Dr. Wally Walstrom

929 St Francis

Wichita, KS 67214

(316) 268-5000

Dr. Walstrom is universally praised for his skill in both family medicine and sports medicine. His patients praise the thoroughness of his explanations, the time he takes with each patient, and swiftness in follow-up. They respect his knowledge and consider him completely trustworthy. Many patients describe his ability to solve problems they’ve had for years and that other doctors have either missed or about which they have not known what to do. Dr. Walstrom’s combination of attributes certainly place him at the top of any list of Wichita’s best primary care doctors.

2. Dr. Jed Holmes

7111 E 21st St. N. Suite A

Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 684-2851

Dr. Holmes is popular with his patients. Some have remarked that they miss him terribly after having moved or been transferred away. His patients remark favorably about his compassion and bedside manner. Dr. Holmes also isn’t above recommending alternative treatment options if his patients are more comfortable with them, and he keeps himself educated on the very latest in both scientific and homeopathic treatments. As one of Wichita’s best primary care physicians, Dr. Holmes aims to give patients the best of both worlds.

3. Dr. Yao-Ying Yang

8200 W Central Ave. No. 1

Wichita, KS 67212

(316) 721-4544

Dr. Yang may not have as much experience as some of his colleagues, but his reputation among both them and his patients is top-flight. They laud his thoroughness in both examinations and testing. They appreciate the time he takes in explaining things. They love him for his attitude and long-term success rate in treating them. These reasons, along with the time he takes with each patient that makes them feel like people instead of statistics, are a big part of why Dr. Yang is one of Wichita’s top primary care doctors.

4. Dr. James Logan

855 N Hillside St.

Wichita, KS 67214

(316) 685-1381

Dr. Logan is a rarity in the field: His wife is also a doctor. At his practice, they team up so that when one is busy, the other steps in. In this way, the office can take care of patients without inordinate delays. Dr. Logan’s patients also like his honest, caring attitude and willingness to ask for help and second opinions when it is in their best interests. Many patients refer their family members to him too. Dr. Logan is one of the best GPs in Wichita.

5. Dr. Candi Nigh

524 N Andover Rd.

Andover, KS 67214

(316) 733-3000

Dr. Nigh is another of Wichita’s up-and-coming doctors. Even with just eight years’ experience, she has earned high marks from her patients regarding her attentiveness in her appointments and her overall reputation. Also seen as very positive are her ability to be clear in her instructions and her thoroughness in both examinations and follow-up. Dr. Nigh also networks with other doctors who can advise her on diagnoses and provide excellent care to her patients. For these reasons, she is one of Wichita’s finest doctors.

6. Dr. Maureen Roos

3443 N Womer St.

Wichita, KS 67204

(316) 838-8585

Dr. Roos has had many of her patients for much of her 41 years on the job. In several cases, multiple generations have come to her office for help. Despite her average wait time of less than 15 minutes, her patients describe a caring doctor who takes the time to listen and explain things carefully. Dr. Roos is described as trustworthy and communicative, and she receives high marks for her bedside manner as one of the best primary care physicians in Wichita.

7. Dr. Kurt Hesse

8020 E Central Ave. No. 200

Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 636-2662

Dr. Hesse has 19 years of experience in family medicine, and he is a board-certified practitioner in that discipline. His patients have a very positive opinion of him in all categories. From caring bedside manner to success with the long-term care of patients, Dr. Hesse fulfills his patients’ needs. Of special note is the clarity with which he explains complicated conditions and treatment options. Dr. Hesse endeavors every do to be one of the best primary care doctors in Wichita.

8. Dr. Christopher Meyer

307 US-54 No. 300

Andover, KS 67002

(316) 218-0008

Dr. Meyer is ex-military, and his bearing reflects that through honesty and trustworthiness. He also listens to what his patients say and never just relies on the prescription pad to find a solution. His patients also speak highly of his professionalism and bedside manner. Dr. Meyer’s patients also appreciate his crackerjack staff that support him in all efforts to be one of the top doctors in Wichita.

9. Dr. Kimberly Kenas

8200 W Central Ave., No. 4

Wichita, KS 67212

(316) 721-4544

Sometimes, patients complain about doctors not listening to them and “playing God,” but such is not the case with Dr. Kenas. She listens and takes her patients seriously. She is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, which means that she ties many of her diagnoses and treatment plans to the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Kenas is also not afraid to provide alternative treatment regimens if those are in the best interests of the patient. Her patients remark that she is almost maternal in caring for her them, which makes her a top doctor in Wichita.

10. Dr. Betty Troutman

10111 E 21st St. N, Suite 305

Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 777-6393

Dr. Troutman strives to make her patients’ experience as comfortable in the office as possible as she brings her more than 30 years’ experience to bear on their problems and treatments. Her focus on patient comfort comes from her training as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Both she and her clinic partner, who is a Nurse Practitioner, try to get to know their patients, and this attention to detail makes Dr. Trouthman one of the best doctors in Wichita.

As with anything health-related, people should do their own investigations. This list is designed as a starting point for people searching for a doctor in the Wichita area.