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10 Best Primary Care Physicians in the Twin Cities

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The “Mighty Mississippi” flows through and along the Eastern edge of Minneapolis, and the city is, thus, one of the northernmost centers of trade on the river that serves as the artery of America. The city is as varied in its culture as it is in its climate. Art galleries, curling rinks, a world-renowned symphony orchestra, and baseball, basketball, hockey, and American football stadiums dot the landscape. Mind-numbing cold and searing heat tumble through the seasons, which means that the weather can play havoc with one’s health. For this reason, it’s crucial to have one of the best primary care physicians in the Twin Cities on your side.

1. Dr. David Ness

721 Snelling Ave. South

St Paul, MN 55116

(651) 690-1311

Dr. Ness treats his patients as patients and not as “numbers with symptoms.” He is always respectful, and although his knowledge and intuition are great and sharp, he does not consider himself God. He listens to patients because he realizes that they know their bodies best. With 37 years’ experience, Dr. Ness is certainly one of the most accomplished and best primary care doctors in the Twin Cities.

2.Dr. R. Jeffrey Karnes

Dr. Karnes specializes in both family medicine and urology. He is liked and respected by his patients not only for his 22 years of experience and consummate skill but also, and chiefly, for his willingness to devote time over and above the necessary with patients. He ensures they both understand their ailments and treatments and feel valued as human beings. His patients consider Dr. Karnes both trustworthy and friendly, and they also give his staff top marks, which should be expected at the office of a top Twin Cities doctor.

3. Dr. Jon Hallberg

901 South 2nd St.

Minneapolis, MN 55415

(612) 338-1383

Dr. Hallberg is a thorough, patient, and thoughtful physician who not only delivers world-class care but also gives clear, concise instructions to patients so that they can be well-informed participants in that care. Patients describe his attitude as “very positive” even in situations where he must deliver bad news. Because Dr. Hallberg spends more time with each patient than is expected, his reputation among both his patients and colleagues is equally positive. His specialty in family medicine and two decades’ experience both give him great insight into the lives of his patients. Dr. Hallberg is one of the best doctors in the Twin Cities for these, and other, reasons.

4. Dr. Sean Anderson

3850 Park Nicollet Blvd.

St Louis Park, MN

(952) 993-3123

Having graduated from the University of Minnesota’s medical school in 1996, Dr. Anderson is one of the Twin Cities’ favorite sons. His compassion for his patients and great medical acumen combine to make him a formidable presence in the world of family medicine. His patients also appreciate the kind way he explains conditions and the instructions on how to participate in treatment. They also give Dr. Anderson high marks for the friendliness of his staff and comfort of his office environment. Dr. Anderson is proud to be one of the best primary care physicians in the Twin Cities.

5. Dr. Melissa Mark

Dr. Mark may not have as much experience as some of her colleagues in the city, but her reputation among both patients and those colleagues is second-to-none. She is renowned for the swiftness of test results, and her ability to explain those results and their accompanying effects on treatment is equally well-known and liked. She is conscientious, thorough, and kind in all patient interactions, and she always strives to be as upbeat and positive as possible no matter how bad the news she must deliver is. Though her efforts, and due to her prodigious skill and intelligence, Dr. Mark has achieved the status of one of the top primary care doctors in the Twin Cities.

6. Dr. Keith Spears

2220 Riverside Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55454

(612) 371-1641

Dr. Spears has a keen instinct for diagnosis. One patient tells of Dr. Spears as catching a difficult-to-diagnose condition simply from an unusual X-ray. His caring nature and kindness put his patients at ease, and they describe him as never rushing them through appointments even if he is behind. This conscientious attitude combines well with his great abilities to make him truly one of the best family doctors in the Twin Cities.

7. Dr. Jennifer Auge

10705 Town Square Dr. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55449

(763) 236-5400

Dr. Auge’s patients like her so much that they willingly drive further to see her than others. This holds true even after she moved her practice. Dr. Auge places a high value on patient comfort and peace of mind. Both she and her staff aim to make patients’ stay in the office as homey as possible while delivering top-flight care. Dr. Auge’s patients describe her as thorough, approachable, and kind. They especially note her knack of putting even patients who fear doctors at ease. All of these qualities combine to make Dr. Auge a top family doctor in the Twin Cities.

8. Dr. Lina Swenson

2155 Ford Pkwy.

St Paul, MN 55116

(651) 696-5070

Dr. Swenson strives to provide each patient with hassle-free appointment scheduling. Patients report being able to get appointments within three or four business days. Other medical professionals, including nurses, who are her patients report how pleased they are with her professional demeanor, willingness to listen, and diagnostic skill. Dr. Swenson also never rushes her patients “through the mill” and listens intently for clues from them to improve the treatment she provides. Dr. Swenson proudly wears the designation of one of the best primary care doctors in the Twin Cities.

9. Dr. Daniel Dunsworth

2600 78TH Ave. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55421

(612) 706-2900

Dr. Dunsworth’s self-effacing bedside manner belies his sharp wit and terrific medical knowledge. Despite this great knowledge, he is always willing to seek help from a colleague to ensure a proper diagnosis. When a specialist referral is indicated, he writes it forthwith. Dr. Dunsworth always takes the proper time to explain conditions and their various treatments and never makes patients feel rushed. He also has a way with children and puts even their fearful minds at ease. As one of the top family medicine practitioners in the Twin Cities, Dr. Dunsworth always strives to improve too.

10. Dr. Kevin Kelly

606 24th Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55454

(855) 324-7843

Dr. Kelly is thorough and takes his time with patients so that they gaina proper understanding of their conditions and their treatments. His reputation is overwhelmingly positive among his patients, and they appreciate not only the time he takes with them but also the way he puts their fears to rest. He has more than 20 years’ experience and is always endeavoring to learn and improve, which makes him one of the Twin Cities’ top doctors.

People should always do their own research on any doctor whom they plan to see, but this list is a fine place to start when searching for one of the best primary care physicians in the Twin Cities.