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10 Best Primary Care Physicians in Oakland

Moon over the San Francisco – Oakland Bay suspension Bridge reflected on the water below

The Golden Gate Bridge shimmers in the night as Oakland residents gaze out over San Francisco Bay to the west. At the very hub of an area containing almost 8 million people. Oakland is an important part of California’s economy. It’s notable in the sports world, too, with the dynastic Golden State Warriors ruling the NBA from their iconic Oracle Arena. The silver and black of the Oakland Raiders is set to depart in 2020, but they are an indelible part of the city’s sports history. Those athletes trust the best primary care doctors in Oakland, so you should too.

1. Dr. Anthony Jones

400 29th St. No. 501

Oakland, CA 94609

(510) 268-1800

Dr. Jones impresses his patients by his thoroughness and conscientious philosophy. He is attentive and caring during appointments and regularly admits seriously ill patients for quick assessments before sending them to the emergency room. Also, rather than “dictating from on high,” Dr. Jones listens to what his patients say and then uses that information to make diagnoses. This patient-centric approach is one reason he is one of the best primary care physicians in Oakland.

2. Dr. John Good

3100 Telegraph Ave. No. 2102

Oakland, CA 94609

(510) 286-8160

Dr. Good cultivates long-term patient relationships, and many have been with him since they left their pediatricians at age 18. The general consensus is that he listens and helps, relying on his keen wits and intelligence. His nearly 50 years’ experience is a great comfort to his patients, too, and they are proud to consider him one of Oakland’s top doctors.

3. Dr. Aarti Patel

1411 E 31st St.

Oakland, CA 94602

(510) 437-4289

Dr. Patel is a naturopath who practices family medicine. She believes in tailoring her prescriptions to gibe with her patients’ lifestyles. Her patients believe in her methods and laud her trustworthiness, willingness to answer questions, and her expertise in answering those questions. She might not be one’s usual choice, but she is one of the top doctors in Oakland.

4. Dr. Aysha Zaman

Dr. Zaman is young for her experience level of some 20 years, but her knowledge and skill have impressed her patients nonetheless. She receives high marks for both trustworthiness and follow-up. Her wait time in the office is listed as roughly 10 minutes, which is in the top quartile in the Oakland area. By combining professionalism, concern for her patients, and timely appointments, she is a top Oakland doctor.

5. Dr. Audrey D’Andrea

3100 San Pablo Ave., Suite 310

Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 985-5020

Dr. D’Andrea’s greatest strength is her bedside manner and follow-up. She genuinely cares, according to her patients, and always considers patients’ own explanations about conditions because they know what’s what with their bodies. Dr. D’Andrea’s patients also cherish the time she spends with them as she never rushes patients as if they were on an assembly line. Her attention to detail and compassion distinguish her as one of the best primary care doctors in the Oakland area.

6. Dr. Josephine Agbowo

2500 Milvia St.

Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 422-3400

Dr. Agbowo’s reputation for continuing success with her patients is excellent. So is the thoroughness of her examination, often uncovering previously unknown details. Her attitude is described as very positive, and she follows up with due care and professionalism. Dr. Agbowo is proud to be a top doctor in Oakland, but she is even more proud of her relationships with her patients.

7. Dr. Jessica Fielden

4192 Piedmont Ave.

Oakland, CA 94611

(510) 595-7475

Dr. Fielden speaks four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. She uses her fluency to help her patients from different backgrounds, and this ability with other languages helps put them at ease. She was a Patients’ Choice Physician in 2014, largely because of her skill, ability to give patients peace of mind, and her trustworthiness. Dr. Fielden is one of Oakland’s top doctors.

8. Dr. Julie Nickelsen

3000 Colby St., No. 303

Berkeley, CA 94705

(510) 841-2822

Dr. Nickelsen is an old-school GP who believes in helping patients be healthy but also that they must do the “heavy lifting” themselves. Her patients appreciate her candor and trust her implicitly. Her patients also note that her advice and explanations regarding their conditions are right on the money. Her kind frankness, nearly 50 years’ experience, and keen mind all contribute to making her one of the best doctors in the Oakland area.

9. Dr. Joseph Jordan

280 W MacArthur Blvd.

Oakland, CA 94611

(510) 752-7474

Dr. Jordan has resonated with his patients so much that they selected him as a Patients’ Choice Doctor in both 2017 and 2018. He also earns their trust with his diagnostic acumen. Dr. Jordan never rushes through appointments and always explains everything carefully and completely. By committing to caring patient interaction and great skill, Dr. Jordan has proven himself as one of the best primary care physicians in Oakland.

10. Dr. Paul Bayard

3451 E 12th St.

Oakland, CA 94601

(510) 535-4000

Dr. Bayard has 29 years of experience in family medicine, and he is board certified in that discipline. His patients like his ability to answer questions about their health, and they also like his attention to detail and skill. Dr. Bayard’s patients consider time at his office well-spent, particularly because they seldom have to wait more than 10 minutes. Dr. Bayard is one of the top doctors in Oakland.

This list is a great starting point toward finding a new doctor for yourself, but you should always do your own research and vetting of a new primary care physician. These are 10 of the best primary care physicians in Oakland, but they might not be a good fit for you for any number of reasons. As one of the doctors on this list recommends, do your due diligence regarding your own health and choose the right doctor for you and your family.

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